To Anyone Who Has Ever Been Curious About Reflexology

They Gave Me Three Years To Live!

Discover How I Healed Myself And
Found A New Career

How would you like to:

  • Earn more money?
  • Be a valued member of your community?
  • Gain the respect of your family and friends?
  • Be totally fulfilled in you work?
  • Help people on the road to health?

Before you answer these questions read on to see how I was able to turn a crippling disease into a rewarding and profitable career!

Lauren Slade
From:  Lauren Slade
             Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Re:       Reflexology Can Change Your Life

Hello, my name is Lauren Slade. I have been involved with Reflexology since the early 1980's. I have always been interested in natural health. My mother brought us up on whole natural fresh foods, brown bread and brown sugar (when necessary!) long before it was fashionable. She did not believe in running to the doctor for drugs or vaccinations.

When I left home and began working in the City of London in the Financial/Stock Broker world, my life in the fast lane left little time for myself, I ignored all the good stuff I learned growing up and I became ill. Very, very ill. After about a year's worth of tests, the doctor finally diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis! He told me that my symptoms were aggressive.

He Told Me I Had About Three Years To Live!

And the whole time, he said, becoming more and more progressively unable to function. He could offer no treatments at all. He said the symptoms could be "managed" but not completely dispelled.

I Left His Office In Shock

But I decided I was not willing to accept a diagnosis of a three year life span! I decided that it was time to help myself. I did not know, however, where to start my journey to health. I read an article in the local paper about a woman who had just won a medal for archery. A great achievement in anyone's books, but her story really caught my attention. She had suffered with severe back problems all her life. Her surgeon recommended surgery – fusing vertebrae together to help her get around. He told her there was a chance, albeit a small one, that she could get paralyzed from the operation.

She agreed to the operation, only after she had explored every other eventuality. In her quest for a solution, she came across something called Reflexology. She contacted a local practitioner who started giving her weekly sessions. Her health so improved that she threw away her back brace, and after a year resumed normal activities, and cancelled the operation. She was totally convinced that Reflexology had been the catalyst for change and helped her back to heal.

The Reporter asked a doctor about her surprise recovery from such a severe health issue, and what they thought about Reflexology. They replied that it must have been the "placebo effect" that "cured" her. The reporter then asked the archery champion what she thought about that response.

Her reply is what spurred me onto a life long passion and career in Reflexology. She said, “if the "placebo" effect was the reason for her recovery when using Reflexology, why did it not work with the Doctors with whom she had complete and utter trust.” Why did the "placebo” effect work with a little old lady pressing areas on her feet, while she sat in a recliner?!

Her Story Changed My Life

I immediately phoned the newspaper, spoke to the reporter and got the name and address of the Reflexologist. I drove round to her house that afternoon, and asked her to treat me. Within 5 months, my eyesight recovered, my legs were working again, the numbness around my waist disappeared, the strength in my hands returned. It was as if two years of health issues disappeared little by little over the few months she treated me. That was in the early 1980's, and I have never had another MS episode since.

That experience changed my life, and I decided then and there to become a practitioner, educator and advocate for Reflexology. I took as many Reflexology classes as I could, became a Master Reflexologist and built up a thriving private practice in London England. I moved my practice to Canada in 1991, founded the Universal College of Reflexology and have taught over a 1,000 students Reflexology and other healing modalities ever since.

Our Reflexology training was very successful but some people couldn't get to Edmonton to take it.

On-Line Learning Is The Future

We saw that more and more education is being done on-line. We decided to create a version of our training that was just as in depth, just as powerful, but that could be delivered over the Internet. Our on-line course succeeded beyond even our best estimates.

But How Can You Possibly
Learn Everything You Need On-Line?

Like you, at first we were concerned that an on-line course wouldn't be "hands-on" enough to get the training across, but according to several studies, on-line or distance courses are actually as good as or better than their "on campus" equivalents. There are several reasons for this:
  • You can work at your own pace. With schedules these days so taxing, an on-line course is ideal. You can work around your own schedule. If you have a job and/or a family to take care of, you can arrange your class work around those demands.
  • Every part of the Reflexology session is on video. You can watch and re-watch the video clips as often as you want to review the techniques.
  • You don't have to travel! Studying on campus means traveling to the actual school. With an on-line course, you don't need to commute. This is an amazing opportunity for people who wouldn't otherwise be able to study.
  • With on-line courses, we can use advanced technologies to deliver the training. Multi-media content (videos, MP3, teleseminars) has proven to be very powerful. We can absorb much more information that way. If you don't understand a point, it is very easy to go back and watch again. The exams are interactive, which you won’t find in a campus setting.
  • Your courses (and instructors!) are available 24 hours a day! The only reason you could possibly miss a lesson is if you don't go on-line!
  • You actually get more individual attention. Because you have access to your instructor via email and other avenues, you have individual attention that you couldn't possibly get from a campus setting. This rich interaction fosters deeper learning!
  • With on-line courses, it's just you and the instructor! In traditional classrooms, there are typically 20 students per teacher in each class.
  • Even educators of major institutions are moving toward more and more on-line classes!
  • And you can learn in your pajamas!

Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Education found that students who took on-line courses actually OUTPERFORMED students who took the same course in a classroom with face-to-face instruction. What a revelation!

In addition, the study found that "learners in the on-line condition spent more time on task than students in the face-to-face condition." We knew we were on the right path. Our on-line students agree.

"Simple and Fast"

Just a final comment regarding my experience – I found the class material, bonuses and other downloads, including videos of techniques and instructions, easily accessible and clearly demonstrated.

I love the fact that it is available for me to review any time of day and as often as I desire. I'm also delighted to see how well the material is laid out and the way in which the information is presented, making it easy to read and follow along with.

I am truly thankful for the great course material and virtual classroom instructions provided through this on-line course, and the way it allows me to fit it in and around my schedule, allowing me to study each module at my own pace.

A big 'Thank You' to Jack and Lauren for their detailed instructions as well as great and constant communication with their students. You make it really easy for me to follow along with course instructions, as well as navigate and find my way around the UCR website!


"Would Take Another Course In a Minute,
On-Line With You Guys"

Sara Tschetter from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

"Go At Your Own Pace"

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Betty Gardham from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Why Should You Study Reflexology?

Imagine a Brand New Life in a Matter of Weeks!
  • Reflexology is powerful, yet incredibly simple to learn.

  • Imagine being able to relieve the pain and suffering of your loved ones. Or yourself. Or the members of your community - and in practically no time at all.

  • Just think about being your own boss.

  • Imagine earning $75 an hour or more.

  • Imagine waking up every day, eager to do the work you really love!

Here are a few of the different ways we present this amazing material - video lessons, MP3 lectures, PowerPoint presentations, printable lessons, on-line quizzes, student interaction, your own tutor and Surprise Bonuses!
You already know that Reflexology can help with:
Acne Glaucoma
Anemia Gout
Arthritis Heart Attack and Heart Conditions
Asthma Hot Flashes
Bladder Conditions Infertility
Bronchitis Insomnia
Cholesterol Level (High) Lower Back Pain
Colds Lupus
Cramps (Menstrual) Pre Menstrual Syndrome
Eczema Prostate Problems
Fever Just to name a few!!

Imagine Yourself Being Able To
Relieve Such Pain And Suffering!

Think how much would that be worth to you.

We have been told by people who have taken other courses that this one is head and shoulders above anything else that any one will ever find out there.

"One of the Best Calls of My Life"

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Jacki Koot from Sundre, Alberta, Canada

"Amazing Courses"

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Jody Morrison from Gibbons, Alberta, Canada

What Is In The Training Course?

Each module in the course includes an instructional book, one or more videos, a recorded teleseminar and a quiz. You can take the quiz as many times as you like. Once you have passed it, you can proceed to the next module.

As you go through our training, you will learn both the skills you need to work with your clients AND the skills you need to run your business.

When you take the on-line Professional Foot Reflexology Course, this is what you will learn:

Module 1 – The Foundation of Reflexology

By the end of this first module you will be able to give a basic relaxation Reflexology session!

You will begin to understand stress, what causes it and what symptoms to look out for, and you will discover why Reflexology is such a great stress reliever. You will learn how often Reflexology can be given, the optimum length of a session, how much pressure to use when thumb walking, and exactly what is expected of a Reflexologist before, during and after a session.

You will also explore the fascinating history of Reflexology covering thousands of years and find out how Reflexology grew from the origins of Zone Therapy. Learn exactly how the feet mirror the body and the structure of the feet and some practical techniques so you can begin using it right away! Watch the videos over and over, listen to the MP3 lectures, read the printed workbook – learning has never been so easy!

Module 2 – Techniques

Here you will watch videos and learn how to work the feet, and several specific techniques for you to use including "Thumb Walking", "Hook in Technique", leverage principle, proper pressure, session protocols and how to put a session together.

You will learn some of the fascinating information that can be gleaned from looking at the feet, foot health and conditions and how to bring it all together to give a basic foot Reflexology session. You will also learn vital hand exercises to promote your own health as a bonus! Imagine healing yourself as you heal others.

Module 3 - Reflexology Map

In this module you learn the "map" of the body on the feet and just how and where each part of the body is reflected on the foot. Using a simple grid system, you will be amazed at how easy it is to master! You will also learn conditions to look for and those to avoid.

Module 4 - Foot Sequence - Part 1

The complete Reflexology session is divided into five easy to learn sections. Here is where you begin to learn how to structure your sessions with your clients by watching video clips of me actually doing every move that you will learn. You will find out what to do before each session and what sequence to follow during the session and what equipment to use to maximize your effectiveness and client comfort.

Also covered are the body’s hormonal system (also known as the endocrine system) and how to specialize in resolving painful muscular or skeletal bone problems such as back, neck or sciatic pain.

Module 5 - Foot Sequence - Part 2

You will continue to learn the flow of your Reflexology sessions with your clients, focusing on the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, and covering such conditions as heart problems, headaches, varicose veins and high blood pressure.

Module 6 - Foot Sequence - Part 3

Designing your session continues, with the part of the Reflexology session that deals with digestion. It is often said that "all disease starts in the colon", a very important part of the digestive system. Knowing how to work these reflexes can assist with everything from heartburn, ulcers, colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gall stones to constipation.

Also covered in this module is the immune system which deals with allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, edema (swellings) asthma and tonsillitis. Building immunity is easy with Reflexology.

Module 7 - Foot Sequence - Part 4

In this module you will review Reflexology equipment, the massage table or recliner, height adjustable chair for the Reflexologist, creams, lotions, wipes and powders you will need during a session, and whether or not to use music and candles during a session (the answer might surprise you!).

You will focus on the male and female reproductive systems, showing the reflex points for menopause, morning sickness, infertility, impotence and menstrual cramps as well as the urinary system and disorders such as cystitis, edema, gout, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Module 8 - Foot Sequence - Part 5

Here you will learn about how to work the spinal reflexes to great effect. Incredibly successful Reflexology businesses have been built entirely on being able to help alleviate painful back conditions, such as sciatica and low back pain, discover their secrets here.

You will learn about the Nervous system and how you use Reflexology to alleviate conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, insomnia, whiplash, Parkinson’s Disease and meningitis.

Module 9 - Professionalism

Our unique approach to business building has brought incredible successes to past students. In this session, you will gain the valuable knowledge of just what is required for a professional to conduct their practice. These things include such important subjects as the atmosphere of the room where you practice and the importance of your client consultation.

You will learn the ins and outs of client confidentiality, how to document client history and why, how to document each session, how to recognize and record sensitive reflexes, what to expect during and after a session. We even give you a four page client health history form and two-page session record to use in your own practice!

Module 10 - Complete Foot Sequence

Here you will pull together everything you have learned in the session sequences and the professionalism module. You will be amazed at how easily you can follow the entire session sequence. You’ll also discover how to close the session for the best effect for yourself and your client. There is also a surprise bonus of a two page cheat sheet to easily follow along the routine.

Module 11 - Building a Successful Business

What good is learning this amazing healing technique if you have no idea how to build a practice? In this session, you will learn about goals, intentions, marketing and promotions, referrals and how you can make an even bigger difference in the lives of others, in short you will receive everything you need to know to plan, build and promote your business. You will also get the forms you need for certification, if you have chosen to do that.

The course also includes reference guides, a chat room or "lounge" where you can interact with other students, Coach Jack coaching corner, access to both me and Jack Marriott and some surprise bonuses!

That's a lot to cover!

Yes, and you can take up to a year to take the entire course, but most people complete it successfully in much shorter time. You can cover the theory portion of the course in just 11 weeks and be certified and running your own business in four months.

Also available is an optional additional hands-on training class.
Ask for class details when registering.

"Hello, my name is Christine Lanthier –
I’m from Navan (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada"

I started to take the basic Foot Reflexology course through the Universal College of Reflexology in April of 2010. I enjoyed the course very much – there were 11 modules I believe – it was very easy to do one module per week. Each module had a different set of how to work the foot or anatomy. It was very easy – you could watch the videos over and over again at your own leisure whenever you had the time - you then had a teleseminar you could listen to – you also had your workbook that you downloaded – you could read that and then there was a small quiz at the end of the module.

I found that one week was plenty of time to do the module, even if you are working full time. I started in the middle of April and finished in the middle of June and that is pretty well about the 11 modules. Then after that we had to do 75 sessions on volunteer people – so I worked on that throughout the summer, and I worked at least about one every second day anyway, and I was finished by the end of August. So my course went from April to August and then I was ready to start my own business in the fall in Reflexology.

The course was very professionally done; it’s easy for anyone – even if you are not familiar with the computer. We had lots of support – there was a blog that we could use to email our instructors at any time – and we could read what other students were saying as well and get their comments.

I would tell anybody that this is a great course to have. Reflexology is a very needed profession – it helps a lot of people for relaxation and other health issues so I recommend this course very much.

Thank you very much.

Listen to Christine's Audio Testimonial:

Here are just a few of the types of people who have studied with us:

  • Nurses - Many nurses are fed up with the healthcare system as it is and want to learn something they can do without having to deal with that. Also, nursing is an emotionally and physically stressful profession and it is very common for a nurse to hurt their back. Many nurses who have studied with us have been able to relieve their own pain AND been able to continue their passion for healing.
  • Estheticians (Cosmetologists or Beauty Therapists) - You are already working on your customers' hands and feet giving manicures and pedicures. Why not use that time to give them an unexpected benefit! They will love you for it, and a very satisfied customer makes for a very successful Beauty Therapist.
  • Massage Therapists - Giving a massage takes a heavy toll on the body. Reflexology does not. It is said that the average business life of a massage practitioner is between 3 to 5 years. Reflexology is soft and gentle on your body. I know many Reflexologists who have been successfully working for decades. Many massage therapists studied with us to give something extra to their clients and ended up transforming their practice to almost entirely focus on Reflexology because that's what their client's wanted.
  • Mothers with sick children - We have had many mothers study our courses simply to be able to give their children some relief. What surprised us (and them!) was how many then decided to turn Reflexology into a part time or even full time career!

"It Has Changed My Life"

Wendy Becenko from Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada

You want to learn Reflexology, but you
don't want to learn from just anybody.

Lauren Slade is Certified with the International Institute of Reflexology and the Reflexology Association of Canada. She is a Certified Master Reflexologist and Reflexology Instructor with the Natural Therapy Certification Board. Lauren is also past President of the Reflexology Association of Canada. She has over 30 years of experience working one on one with clients, from all backgrounds and cultures, who have presented with a multitude of diseases, conditions and illnesses. Lauren has successfully helped thousands of clients with their health issues over the years. Wouldn’t you rather learn from someone who has actually
“been there and done that!”

Other, non-accredited courses run from $2,400 to $5,000, and they don't teach you nearly as much as you will learn when you join our program.

Why Spend $2,400 to $5,000 With An
Institution That Isn't Accredited?

If you were to take this same course at our college campus, it would cost you $1,647 for tuition, plus $200 for training manuals. You would also need to stay for 5 nights at a hotel for at least $750. Travel could easily cost you $600. Food would be much more than $250. And think of the income loss from time off work!
At least $500!

That's a total of $3,947!

But you won’t pay that price to study with us. If you join the classes right now,
our low price is:

Only $1,647!

One in five Britons has used complementary medicine in the last year, doubling the number from just six years ago.

Americans paid $13.7 BILLION DOLLARS for visits to alternative medical practitioners as far back as 1990, and $10.3 BILLION of that was out of pocket!

Become Part Of This Billion Dollar Industry Now!

Remember, when you register with us, you will get:
  • 11 modules that you can study at your own pace.
  • Individual attention from the instructors.
  • Access to other students for questions and support.
  • Videos, PowerPoint lectures, MP3 (download to your iPod), instructional books, lectures, downloadable and printable lessons.

"I Can't Say Enough!""

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Leigh Ann from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Before he died, Michael Landon reminded us,

Whatever you want to do,

do it now.

There are only so many tomorrows."

I don't want to sound dramatic, but this is your life we're talking about here. And a passion and talent are terrible things to waste.

Aristotle said, "Where your talents and the needs of the world meet, lies your calling." You know your calling is to help people. You know what to do next.

Take control of your life. Learn a technique that's easy to master in a billion dollar field. Become a certified Reflexologist now. Simply click on the button below. You will be taken to a page to enter your information, then check out, then begin the next chapter of your life.

Your private access information will be sent to you immediately upon
completion of the simple registration process.

Don't let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from
becoming a powerful healer.

I am really enjoying learning the details of Reflexology. Some days it is a challenge to fit everything in, which makes the on-line learning a real advantage!

I believe that as our modern world gets even busier with more activities for our kids and ourselves, more perhaps is expected of us at work, and certainly more is expected of school students than was expected 30 years ago, that we have had to learn more stress coping mechanisms. Many of us have been successful at that, but we all have our limits. And even when we are doing a good job coping, the stress still has an effect on us! It is very rewarding to be learning how to give people relief from that.


Hello Jack,

I would like to let you know that I really appreciate your willingness to convince me to join this program. It’s an eye opener. I love to be able to have a printed material to study from, as well as listen to Lauren’s lectures and watch her demonstrations on the videos. The reading is quite simple but informative. I find the Reflexology fascinating and hope to follow my dream of becoming an effective Reflexologist.

Thank you,


I am absolutely loving this course. It’s great to be able to do the course at our own pace. I had mentioned that I had taken an unaccredited course in Reflexology before taking this one. (No comparison, by the way.)


Congratulations on presenting a fantastic course, I am only on the 3rd module and can’t believe how much I am enjoying it. I look forward to each day knowing that I will be learning something new and exciting. The combination of modules, video and audio is a fantastic idea.


If you don’t register now, when you are lying in bed tonight, you will think of all the benefits of learning Reflexology. When you wake up tomorrow morning you will feel compelled to turn on your computer and register.

To your new life,

P.S. If you love helping people and making a difference in the world, then Reflexology is a great healing tool to learn, for your own health or the health of your family and friends. Register now!

P.P.S. This course is easily worth over $4,000 but if you register today, you will get the amazing video lessons, MP3 lectures, PowerPoint presentations, printable lessons, on-line quizzes, student lounge, interaction, your own tutor, private consultation time with Jack Marriott and Lauren Slade PLUS!!! for only $1,647!

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  Yes I want to set up a successful Reflexology business, and be earning a minimum of $50 per hour, helping people on the road to health, and have a career that totally satisfies and fulfills me.

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